Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Deb & Kiah's Stories

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Deb & Kiah's Stories

As we get ready to say goodbye to October, we reflect on the beautiful stories and powerful words we've laid witness to this breast cancer awareness month. 

And what we have been able to take away from these incredible tales of bravery, is that even on the darkest of days, sunshine + HOPE can be found.

To continue shining the spotlight on the awe-inspiring, FEARLESS, and brilliantly determined women, we share some closing words from the stunning Kiah, who just before her 19th birthday, found a lump on her breast. And Deb, who found comfort in the generosity of strangers during her fight to being cancer-free (*spoiler-alert*).

It's words - and women - like these, who make us want to STAND UP + TAKE ACTION!

Read on to hear from Kiah and Deb, and be sure to know that we will continue to do all we can as a brand + as a family, to support, fight and honour all that breast cancer touches. 

From Kiah...

My experience with breast cancer was both lucky and terrifying. You always believe that as a teen or a young adult that breast cancer isn’t something you have to worry about until you’re ‘older’. I thought that too before I felt a lump in my breast 2 weeks before my 19th birthday. 

A month after finding the lump, I had two ultrasounds and was booked in for a lumpectomy. Before I knew it, all signs of breast cancer were gone.

For most young adults who get diagnosed with breast cancer, the experience is significantly worse. Young women are twice as likely to have advanced breast cancer at diagnosis. Why?

Because we’ve grown up believing that it won’t happen to us. So we don’t know how to check or what to check for it. Finding the lump early made a world of difference in my journey.

The best thing you can do to prevent breast cancer from reaching advanced stages is learning how to do a self-breast assessment, and start checking yourself once a month.

If like me, you feel something that doesn’t seem right, talk to your GP.


From Deb...

Initiatives such as this BH breast cancer awareness campaign really DO make a difference!

Amidst all the shock and pain of my breast cancer journey, which included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the kindness and generosity of people who supported the breast cancer cause always reminded me that I was not alone. 

Even though I continue to live with the side effects of treatment, I know I have so much to be grateful for. I am alive today and cancer free!

I would like to say a huge thank you to every person who has ever given to, or supported this cause. It may not seem like a big thing to you, but to me, a breast cancer survivor, your thoughtfulness provided care and support for me at the worst time of my life, and I will be forever grateful.




Both Kiah and Deb wear the Pink Flamingo Tee.

During October 2020, we have committed to donating $1 from every sale to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. We thank everyone who has shopped with us throughout the month, and helped play their part in supporting the Australian NBCF's mission to reach #ZeroBy23.

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