#getjeggy with it.

#getjeggy with it.

Are they a jean, are they a jeg? Yas, they're the BH Denim Jean Jegs!


Since everyone’s pretty much livin’ the #ISO home life at the moment we thought it would be fun to showcase in more detail for you guys, our most loved and most popular women’s piece...our Uh-maze women's denim jean JEGS!! We even created a hashtag #GETJEGGY with it 🎶 so when you wear our JEGS...tag us with #getjeggy so we can see your beautiful self!!

In our video series @getjeggy we wanted to showcase the women's denim jeans AKA The BH Jegs on some different body types from the gorgeous babes in our team - Sash teams up with cutie Know to show you how they style their jegs together - Our Creative Genius and EA Mel and her gorgeous Mama Caroline get down and exercise in their Jegs - Our beautiful Customer Service Queen Amanda and her little mini Indi🧚🏽‍♀️house party in style in their Jegs and our babe of a Marketing Guru Kai and her fur babies show you how to style your Jegs from day-to-night. The BH denim jeg jeans have been designed to fit ALL beautiful shapes and sizes, and to be super flattering for everyone so everybody can feel beautiful and confident while wearing them.

Here’s a little teaser of our forth coming #getjeggy video series, watch our blog to see our team get jeggy at home in their Jegs, when we share in more detail their amazing design features, how we all style them.

To watch the #getjeggy IGTV preview click here.
To shop the women's jean JEGS click here.

Enjoy babes!! 
Mwah!! 💋💋

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