#getjeggy with Mel.

#getjeggy with Mel.

The BH Women's Jeans 'Jeg Style Sesh' with Mel


HAPPY (ummm...what day is it?! Lets just go with Happy Montueswedthrisanday BABES! Haha! 

SOOOO! We want you all to meet the wonderful MEL! She is the newest member to our BH #dreamteam and she is every bit as happy, positive, FUN and gorgeous as she looks!! She is our EA/Creative Assistant QUEEN as well as our Photographer/Videographer who has been creating all of this uhhh-maze content we’ve been bringing you guys! 

To continue our #GETJEGGY Style Sesh’s at home with our team...today we went home with Mel who had some fun trying on with her super babe of a Mum Caroline!. Hello gorgeous mama/daughter duo!!!

Here’s the fun part!!! We thought we’d give the girls a little test!! Since Caroline works in the fitness industry, we thought it would be great to see how our denim Jegs stand the stretch test by doing a full at-home-workout wearing our blue and black denim Jegs! So take a look and see how they go being put to the test!!! And have a laugh with these babes while they style them up and show us how they love to wear them!

Stay tuned for our next blog featuring our Customer Service Queen Amanda and her minis me's.

To watch #getjeggy BHTV with Mel and her mama click here.
To shop the women's jean JEGS click here.

Enjoy babes!! 
Mwah!! 💋💋

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