Wear vegan, babe.

Wear vegan, babe.

Eco-friendly and super-chic, Vegan Leather is every modern woman’s dream. We deep dive into this next generation powerhouse that’s coming to a closet near you, with our newly dropped ‘Sash’ Black Vegan Leather Blazer.

As we’re becoming aware of the impact of our choices on the environment, we’re looking closely at the things we buy - and fashion is no exception. No wardrobe is complete without an amazing tailored leather blazer or leather jacket – but that leather comes with a price, to the animal and to the environment.

Enter Vegan Leather. It’s animal friendly, strong, durable, incredibly chic AND it looks as good as the real thing.

Our new 'Sash' Vegan Leather Blazer is crafted from premium Vegan Leather, with luxe details like custom gold buttons and invisible pockets to amp up the glam factor. The key to the incredible fit and comfort of this blazer is all in the tailoring, including a ‘hidden’ soft stretch panel on each arm to allow complete freedom of movement! It means this jacket moves with you – for picking up kids, running errands – you name it! And if you weren’t already excited – it comes in a mini version for the little fashionista in your life. Hello, twinning coffee dates. 

Beau Hudson Founder + Creative Director, Sash Deacon in the eponymous 'Sash' Black Vegan Leather Blazer. 

Our Creative Director Sash Deacon (whom we named this piece after – it captures her signature style), says going Vegan was top of mind when the 'Sash' Vegan Leather Blazer was in the early stages of development.

“We all love the look of a beautiful leather blazer, but advances in modern materials mean we can make better, more informed choices,” she says. “Vegan leather doesn’t just look incredible – it has incredible performance for modern life. It’s easy to care for, wipes clean and withstands a lot more of the ‘real life’ we throw at our favourite pieces.” 

“At the end of the day, a fashion piece has to be super wearable,“ Sash says. “And the Vegan Leather we’ve had developed for this piece is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. It’s why it translates so well into our mini sizes, and feels just like any comfy jacket for kids on the go.”


Black vegan leather blazer

Animal friendly, environmentally sustainable, easy to care for and a must have for the style set – the 'Sash' Vegan Leather Blazer is ready to make a statement.
This piece will go fast, and we can’t WAIT to see it on the street!!


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