Meet The Models // The Beautiful Faces Behind Our Campaigns

Meet The Models // The Beautiful Faces Behind Our Campaigns

Over the past 7 years, we've had friends + families rock our collections with such energy + pride AANND in turn, they've helped us show to the world what Beau Hudson is all about: VIBRANT FAMILY LIVING. 

We've been blessed with the opportunity to feature old friends, NEW friends, our amazing customers + beautiful family every chance we've had. But it's honestly crazy to think that in the early years, a Beau Hudson photoshoot was just Sash with her trusty iPhone and a 3-year-old Halen + Baby Duke (... and Knox' camera-ready-moment came not long after). There were no big photoshoot budgets because, start-up!! No fancy cameras or professional models, just the gorgeous bright-eyed, hilarious Deacon boys in front of the garage door!!

It doesn't get more grassroots than that, does it!
Not only are these beautiful memories to look back on but it worked. You can just picture it right... Toddler Halen rockin’ his fresh threads with wild baby Duke jumping in the shot as Sash is snapping away = mayhem 😂 😂 😂 . It's pretty cool to think that it’s moments like these that remind us of how far we've come as a brand.❤️

Fast forward a few years later, and enter more beautiful faces and powerful stories to tell through the lens, and besides more hands on deck + fancier locations to use, our photoshoots still remain the same: one G.I.A.N.T P.A.R.T.Y 🎉  where we celebrate each other's individual style + smiles. Music blares, laughs are uncontrollable & FUN is always had (with some yummy food always thrown in there too 😋 !!)

And because of this, with each new collection drop or product re-stock, you too get to see a friendly, familiar face that reminds you we are all in this together.

So, to give you another reason to fall in love with the beautiful little faces of our campaigns, we wanted to sit down with them to hear what makes their world shine a little brighter. They are not only adorable + funny, but they are more importantly clever, cultured and PROUD.

Our ultimate desire as a brand is to march forward into the future with fearless faith, leaving in our wake bright imprints of VALUE, HOPE & COLOUR... and these gorgeous little humans help us do just that.

Watch on to get the full low down on everything from "Mangos" to "Potatoes" and anything in between. 😀 

A MASSIVE THANK-YOU you to our superstar models:

❤️  MK + Berhani
❤️  Kayden, Kael + Knox
❤️  Elijah + Milaya + Marlee
❤️  Riggins + India + Maeve
❤️  Indyia + Hendrix + Bodhi
❤️  Halen + Duke + Knox (The O.G. Beau Hudson Boyz!!)

This video was filmed and edited by our super talented-mega-babe, Mel. She is the ultimate story-teller and the kids adore her... ANNND not to mention, she is known to pull out some pretty W.I.L.D + hilarious dance moves on shoot! 😂 😎

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